About Us

Prabhat Ayurvedic Pharmacy is more than 60 years old, established by Dr. Raj Kumar Passi. Its humble origins lie in the city of Amritsar where it was founded in the year 1959 with a vision to provide affordable but top quality healthcare to the people. Since then the firm has grown from not just being a trusted brand for doctors and professionals but also the state governments. Since, we are one of the selected suppliers for various states like Himachal Pradesh. Jammu and Kashmir, C.G.H.S. etc. we have a very strong presence in the northern region of India in the OTC drug market in the Ayurvedic segment.


‘Enriching human life the natural and affordable way’, is the mission of Prabhat Ayurvedic Pharmacy.


Making Ayurveda Technology Driver State of the Art Blister Packing Machine

We are focused on growing in the OTC market through both the organic and inorganic routes. Improve the reach of our products across the country and explore new markets overseas. It is our constant endeavor to come out with new products in the wellness segment so as to bring affordable healthcare to our customers. Currently we have a portfolio of more than 100 patents and nearly 300 classical/generic products classified under AYUSH system of medicine, and we look forward to adding new products in the patent category.

Quality Control

One of our main focuses is towards the quality of our products. We ensure that each product that comes out of our premises meets the highest level of quality so as to give peace of mind to our customers that they are having the best quality at all times. We are an ISO 9001:2008 certified and GMP certified.

Making the Century Old Sour Ayurvedic Medicines Sugar Coated

Research & Development

Untouched by hand, State of the Art Packing Facility for Syrups

We are involved in R&D to come out with solutions to our everyday lifestyle ailments through natural herbs and minerals. For this we use ancient Ayurvedic texts and modern laboratories to come out with formulations which has higher efficacy and at the same time are cost effective for the end customer.